Thierry Bonfanti. Psicologo di formazione

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I have been holding training courses for over twenty years. I have held seminars for French and Italian companies as well as seminars that were open to everyone. In my work, I have always believed that the person is more important than the content. I see learning as a voluntary act that is based on the true desire to learn. The trainer’s role is not just that of giving a report or exercises to be done. The trainer has to worry about his participants’ desires, see if they are interested in what he is saying, but also to allow them to express themselves and tackle the subjects closest to their hearts. Training that focuses on the person is much more demanding for a trainer than training that focuses on the content. The content can be a means in itself, and ends in itself. It can be repeated as many times as you like. A group of individual participants, on the other hand, changes every time and each time it is necessary to adapt oneself and the contents to the group or participants in question. Taking the participants’ desires into consideration is inevitable. Although my approach goes relatively against the mainstream, it is precisely this orientation towards the participants rather than the contents that has enabled me to achieve excellent results, also in the business world, with important projects with highly prestigious companies such as Air France and La Poste. My field is that of personal growth and human relations. Some of the subjects I am involved in include conflict management and mediation, the latter currently being my favourite research topic.