Thierry Bonfanti. Psicologo di formazione

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At times, work teams need a comparison with an external figure who is able to offer an objective, detached, analytical but also empathic view. This comparison is of particular interest to those working in the social and health sectors, where contact with sufferance is, unfortunately, constant, and where relationships remain the fundamental element of professional activity. Here it is a case of offering these workers support in their professional activity. This support can be either individual or in groups.
Supervision might concern:


  1. an operator’s experience in the field of their professional work. It might then take the form of psychological support. Supervision gives operators the opportunity to express their experiences and work through the emotional impact that certain experiences might have had on them.
  2. Cases. Operators can confront the supervisor with specific cases they have dealt with.
  3. Methodology. Operators can discuss more general methodological issues with the supervisor. In this case, the supervisor intervenes as an expert.