Thierry Bonfanti. Psicologo di formazione

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More than in any other profession, working with human beings and trying to help them at a personal level requires an extremely high sense of ethics. There is a deontological codex for psychologists but the need for ethics should arise from directly within us, and not from outside. One of the golden rules of my profession is professional secrecy. People who come to me for help are obviously protected accordingly. Anything that is said to me remains confidential. The very fact that they come to me is protected by professional secrecy. For example, each appointment is placed far enough after the next to ensure that my clients never meet one another and that their initiative remains confidential. Another deontological aspect I consider important regards the relationship. A relationship that offers help is a service. I believe that any kind of power a psychotherapist has over the client is to be condemned. The client’s independence should be stimulated and any forms of subjection by the aforementioned are to be deactivated. Furthermore, one of the objectives of psychotherapy is none other than making the client more independent. I do everything I can so that my clients do not feel they are under subjection. My attitude towards them is that I am a person who has a specific role and skills but one who, like them is a human being in the true sense of the word. One aspect that is directly connected to the aforementioned is the personal involvement of the psychologist. The fact that it uses certain techniques does not diminish the authenticity of the human relationship between him and his clients in the slightest. On the other hand, the fact that a psychologist’s preparation and time are recompensed does not exclude the fact he is working with his heart. My work is not just intellectual, but it also affects me as a person. A relationship offering help is not simply a technical act. In the business sector, as a psychologist I pay great attention to the orders I receive from my clients. Financial interests do not always coincide with the human values that should inspire psychological practice. A psychologist should never forget his priorities and should never carry out actions that are dictated by financial interests alone. These are the key points of my own personal professional ethics. Those interested in consulting the deontological codex of Italian psychologists can do so by clicking on the link below: