Thierry Bonfanti. Psicologo di formazione

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ConsulenzaBusiness counselling

My field is that of personal growth and human relations. My psychological skills associated with my knowledge of the world of work allow me to offer you the preparation of a clinician that is suited to the business world. Starting with the problems you come up against or the objectives you have set yourself, my initial approach consists in diagnosing the situation. This diagnosis might require several sessions with the people involved. Once a diagnosis has been made, I put forward action proposals in which I can be directly involved (training, mediation, team building, coaching …). This actions are account rendering and are followed by suggestions. An assessment procedure can also be considered.
In short, the five cardinal points of my approach are:

  1. Listening to the figures involved in the problem.
  2. Diagnosis/Suggestions
  3. Action (for example, training).
  4. Account rendering and suggestions.
  5. Possible participation in an assessment process.