I underwent psychotherapy when I was twenty years old. This experience led to my vocation for psychotherapy and I decided to study psychology. I began attending the University of Paris V – Sorbonne in 1980. In the same year I met Michel Lobrot through a common friend. This meeting played a fundamental role in my development. Parallel to my university education, I specialized in the running of groups and in Non-Directive Intervention psychotherapy at the Agora Institute in Paris. In 1985 I received my degree in clinical and pathological psychology. I began my career in Paris as a clinical psychologist in a psychiatric post-treatment institute where I worked until 1987. At the same time I began to receive my first patients in psychotherapy.

In 1987, as a result of the preparation I received during my Non-Directive Intervention training (N.D.I.) regarding the running of groups, my interest for this activity and also for training, I began my career as an educator in the clinical field, before going on to work in the business field as a professional. In 1988 I became a member of the Agora Institute in Paris. This marked the beginning of years of collaboration with Michel Lobrot and his team. I took part in various research groups focusing on the process of change, the emotional sphere, and sexuality and this research continued for around ten years.

In 1991 I began working in Italy in collaboration with the Laboratory of Education and Dialogue (L.E.D.), inspired by Carl Rogers, where I held various courses on personal growth. Thanks to the faith of Father Livio Passalacqua in particular, who was president of the L.E.D. at that time my professional work in the Trentino region then expanded. Together with Michel Lobrot and his team, in 1993 we founded the International Meetings of the N.D.I., which have been taking place annually ever since. In the same year we created the N.D.I. journal with the title Philinfo, but today called Implications. The collection Le choc des émotions, edited by Michel Lobrot was also published in 1993 and included my own personal contribution. In 1995 we invented the Debate Café in Paris. In the same year we published La Psychanalyse for Hachette, co-authored with Michel Lobrot.

In 1998 I decided to settle down in Italy in Trento, a region I had come to love more than any other. In 1999 the Ministry of Justice entrusted me with the training of the first office of penal mediators in the Province of Trento and Bolzano. In 2001 I introduced the first Debate Café in Trento. It met with great success immediately, meeting once a month in one of the bars in the city, with around forty people taking part in a debate on a subject the participants themselves chose that evening. In the academic year 2001-2002 the Marc Bloch University in Strasburg nominated me to teach a yearly course on mediation, together with the didactical coordination involved. In 2002 Air France asked me to hold a course to train the entire front line personnel in the company. This training still continues. During the same period I held various team building seminars for the Strasburg Post Office. In 2005 I went back to my studies and research, which I had never abandoned, carrying them out more systematically and devoting myself to writing. Today, in 2008, my life is divided between training and psychotherapy on the one hand, and studies and research on the other.