Thierry Bonfanti. Psicologo di formazione

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In the world of work, the human factor is always of great importance. I understand coaching as the personal and professional accompaniment of the front-line managers and executives of a company. During the sessions, the client has the possibility to speak freely in all confidence of the difficulties he/she comes up against in his/her functions of management and human resource management, his/her doubts, the questions that spring to mind, important decisions to be taken, stress, etc. The problems the client faces might concern relations within the company or those with clients, or elements in his/her personal life as these might also affect his/her professional life. The coach is not only an active, empathic listener who pronounces no judgement, but also offers the external view of an expert for everything that regards the management of human resources, relations with clients, and one's own potential. He accompanies you in your project of change. Coaching takes place in the form of periodic meetings that can last one, two or three hours. These meetings can take place at work, in my office or somewhere else, decided together. My methodological approach is, once again, non-directive intervention.